A drone's eye view of agriculture

It used to be all an agency needed were deep roots in the farming industry and a little soil on their boots to keep agribusiness clients satisfied. But today, understanding the ag lifestyle isn’t enough. You also need to get a drone’s eye view of your target audience — how to engage them, what motivates them and ultimately, what activates them. If you’re not using an agency with modern marketing capabilities to tell you what producers, farmers and growers are really thinking — and how to get them to take action — you’re selling yourself short.

Our Approach

We graft together the agricultural knowledge, creativity, and data & technology needed to win in today’s ag market.

With experience ranging from crop science to livestock health, our ag-focused team leverages the most recent insights and analytics to develop creative that turns heads. We inspire. We motivate. We kick up dirt. All for the purpose of building more authentic, relevant connections with your target audience.

This is important in today’s evolving agriculture industry, where technology and innovation rule, but acceptance and adoption often lag behind. Take, for example, the intricacies of precision farming — which integrates innovations in seed science, agronomy, data analysis and technology/equipment. The fact is, precision agriculture and field data are the key to future growth and competitiveness for growers, but these concepts are not always well understood.

Another example is the growing disconnection between food production and consumers. While organic and local food movements have gained consumer traction, many conventionally produced and technology-driven products have not, and agribusinesses are feeling the effects.

What sets us apart is our ability to bridge these communication gaps while acknowledging the points of view of the farmer, the consumer, data and technology companies, and everyone involved in the food production process. We can help you refresh your communications efforts by growing a connection between high science and the down-to-earth relationships so important in rural America.

Our People

Our team includes:

Individuals with personal farming backgrounds who understand the back-breaking hard work and dedication at the core of agriculture

Leaders with degrees in agriculture, agriculture business and associated sciences who know how to translate the science and technology side of the business

Data and analytics experts who uncover unique insights into the target audience

Marketing, brand and digital professionals who have worked in various vertical industries and know how to leverage today’s (and tomorrow’s) relevant social, cultural and business trends

If your business is ag-related, we are the agency you need — from farm to fork, gate to plate, or however you define it. With grounded thinking and a modern approach, we can help you truly understand your customers and the digital prairie in which they live to help you yield maximum results.

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    Shifting regulations, confused consumers, temperamental weather — as animal health experts, we understand the challenges unique to the farm animal market. We combine powerful data and authentic outreach to drive results and help you stay ahead in this evolving industry.

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    From mobile veterinarians with a schedule book filled with appointments, to trainers who spend more time horseback than they do walking, the key target audiences are not always easy to reach. We know what resonates with horse owners, trainers and equine veterinarians, and we use these insights to deliver powerful communications to elevate your brand.

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    From disease and pest pressure to native traits and biotechnology, our team of agriculture experts has a deep understanding of the crop space. We merge that with a unique perspective on how to leverage high science across data and insights, media, social, digital and more to reach target audiences more effectively.

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    Using genetic variation and selection in crops and farm animals is a complex business. Communicating its value to prospects and the public can be even more so. Our disciplined approach to marketing genetics recognizes the need to focus heavily on education, defining parallel paths of dialogue for each audience.

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    Today’s consumer is more disconnected than ever from where their food comes from, which puts tremendous pressure on the food industry. Our team members have represented a variety of clients throughout various stages in the food chain, helping them seize the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of food promotion.

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    Technology & Data

    Farmers and growers have access to an unprecedented amount of data and technology, but not everyone is quick to embrace this change. As data experts, ghg can help you not only communicate the importance of critical field data, but help your target audience understand how it can be used to drive agronomic decisions on their operations.