What The New Census Data Means For Ag Organizations

11 Apr 2019 in

Data, data, data. It’s the word du jour of marketing professionals, including those in the agriculture space. After all, data is revolutionizing marketing and sales, providing improved insights into customers and how to reach them.

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Census of Agriculture Release on April 11

What’s especially relevant for those of us in ag is the release of the most recent Census of Agriculture on April 11. Conducted by the USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Survey and released every five years, the data set captures trends such as the number of farms, shifts in demographics, changes in farming practices, evolving economics and more – at county, state and national levels. That information can be accessed here via the USDA.

2017 Census of Agriculture Results graphic

While clearly valuable, this data can be even more effective the more you view and analyze it in the context of issues and developments within the agriculture industry – as well as the consumer behavior and lifestyle preference information.

Tailored Messages – Maximum Results

This allows us to tailor our communications strategy, messaging, tactics and channels to deliver exceptional experiences – helping our clients achieve maximum results. This is especially important in an industry that is under pressure from a variety of outside sources, including consumers, fluctuating prices, government regulations, etc.

Staying on top of the most recent industry data and finding a partner to help you review it against the culture, business and experiences of your target audience can go a long way toward creating a successful marketing program.