Dog Flu Campaign by Wunderman Health Featured in PM360’s Greatest Creators

29 Mar 2019 in

Wunderman Health was honored to be featured in the prestigious PM360 “Greatest Creators” issue for the Nobivac® (Merck Animal Health) Dog Flu campaign.

Wunderman Health featured in 2019 Greatest Creators

This is an annual supplement to the publication that inspires innovation and fuels brand success in pharmaceutical marketing. The “Greatest Creators” is produced by creators for creators, recognizing the best work from the top agencies serving the life sciences industry. Only 15 campaigns were selected for this year’s issue. 

Not Recommended. Not Required. Not Requested.

The Nobivac® campaign was designed to build awareness of the brand’s Dog Flu vaccine. Tall order when our concept had to speak to three audiences: Veterinarians, pet specialty professionals and dog owners. Another challenge? Veterinarians weren’t recommending it if they hadn’t seen an outbreak, boarding facilities and doggie daycares were not requiring the vaccine, and pet owners didn’t know to ask for it.

2019 Greatest Creators Dog Flu Wunderman Health three audiences
Three audiences. Three messaging solutions. One idea.


The Solution: Show How Dog Flu Is Transmitted

We were able to get the attention of all three groups by showing the extremely contagious nature of Dog Flu up close with photography that amped up how easily biofluids are transferred from dog to dog. We also leveraged data that tracked Dog Flu outbreaks to drive home how fast the disease spreads. Banner ads and social media drove our audience to download a free handbook on how to prepare for and handle the disease in veterinary practices.

2019 Greatest Creators Dog Flu Campaign elements
Dog Flu campaign 


Results: Increase in Vaccination Rates and Market Share

By bringing data, strategy, business intelligence, experience design, and technology enablement together – we moved the needle. Vaccination rates nearly doubled and Nobivac is now positioned as the #1 Dog Flu vaccine. And more importantly, more dogs are protected from this rampant disease. That’s why we do what we do. We’re a new breed of agency with a deep passion for animal health.

But Wait, There’s More

Each year, this special issue calls all artists in the industry to enter the Greatest Creators Cover Competition. This year’s winner is Wunderman Health’s own Shelley Hanna, Executive Creative Director of the Kansas City office.

2019 Greatest Creators cover competition winner "Silver Cup" by Shelley Hanna
“Silver Cup” by Shelley Hanna, the 2019 Greatest Creators Cover Winner


Her piece “Silver Cup” is on the cover of the 2019 publication. Last year, her work “Lemons with Glass Bowl” was chosen as a runner-up and featured inside the magazine with several other artists who are creative professionals by day and artists by night. Congratulations, Shelley!

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